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Durvasakshetra / Kumbhapuri / Sihimoge / Shimoga/ Shivamogga is situated in Karnataka. Shimoga is fully covered with greeneary and water falls with many rivers. The rivers Tunga, Bhadra, Sharavathi, Varada and Kumudavathi flow in this region. The world famous Jogfalls, Bababudangiri, Horanad, Sringeri, Kollur, Kodachadri, Humcha, Sighandur, Keladi, Ikkeri, Varadahalli, Mahendragiri and Kudali are some of the other important destinations near by Shimoga. It is a district head quarter situated in the Malnad area. Shimoga is well connected by rail and road. An aerodrome is also being built to facilitate travelers to visit some of the famous tourist spots and piligrimages in and around Shimoga. Shimoga is at a distance of around 280 km from the state capital Bangalore. There is a bus at every 30 minutes to Shimoga from Bangalore. The journey time is approximately 06 to 07 hours. Number of trains both day and night services are also available with sleeper, sitting, A.C and first class facilities.

History behind the name Shimoga:
Maharshi Durvasa along with other Rishis did penance on the banks of the Tunga which later was known as Durvasakshetra. The Maharshi got that name as he used to drink Durvaras (Juice of Garike grass). The juice was stored in earthen pots which tasted sweet and sevral times the gopalas ( boys rearing cattle) used to discover these pots and drink the grass juice. They used to recognise this place as Sihimoge (pot containing sweet juice)/Kumbhapuri means a place of earthen pot. Later this Sihimoge changed in to Shimoga in the period of British rule. Another history is During Shivappa Nayaka period this city was named as Shivamukha. This may have also turned to pronounce as Shimoga in British rule.